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Digital Forensics by Polaris Data Systems 

Different types of cases require use of different investigative processes and procedures. Our consultants use multiple tools to verify findings and insure a thorough search is performed. HSN can handle projects related to, but not limited to, the following:

• Theft of company data

• Employer/Employee disputes over dismissal and discipline issues

• Identity Theft

• Internet activity analysis

• Spousal Infidelity

Our consultants use state of the art technology to preserve electronic data reactively or proactively. We pride is using industry standard software like FTK, EnCase and X-Ways Forensics.

Need data recovered? 

Computer Forensics often involves recovering data that was deleted or erased intentionally or unintentionally through drive. Regardless how the data was deleted, it may be important for your business, just as important, your children's photos. HSN can help you bring your valuable back. The key to success is start the recovery process as soon as possible after the data has been discovered missing. Once the deleted data has been written it reduces chances for recovery.

Let us evaluate and give you free estimate of your recovery request. 

Need data preserved? 

Most of employee disputes start six months after their termination. By that time, all evidence on employee’s computer is gone because it has been overwritten by continual use of the hardware. Time is of essence. If you suspect your employee mishandling your data or violate your accepted use of computer policy, preserve an image of employee’s computer as soon as possible before or shortly after their termination. Although the image may never get used, it give you peace of mind that if there is a dispute later, you have that snap shot in time.

Instead of tying your computer hardware, HSN can provide you a court accepted image of the drive on DVD which you can used for future analysis. 

Need data destruction? 

Identity theft is a huge problem all over the world. Protect you computer upgrades by having HSN destroy your drives and give you a certification that data was destructed in an accepted manner to protect you against civil liability.

At HSN, we can wipe your drive to erase all data. As an added protection, we can overwrite drives with all zeros and give the drives back you for other use.

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